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I wasn’t sure where I wanted to feature this post because it kind of fits into all of our categories.  It’s a great workout, a fun adventure, and one of my favorite things to do in Cleveland!

My very very first time paddle boarding was in Hawaii back in 2010 before it was much of a “thing.”  I didn’t really know what I was doing so I pretty much kneeled the entire time and used it as a floaty to go further out without feeling like I was going to die.  None the less, I did enjoy it.

Fast forward a few years and paddle boards seem to be a more common activity.  I LOVE being on the water so I was pretty interested.  This time when I went it was with a group of friends (Leigha of course was included!) out in Lorain through Lake Erie Paddler.  They provided all of the equipment, an introduction on how to stand, steer, and get back on if you fell off.  We also had a guide with us who took us on the Black River and out to Lake Erie.  As a group a first timers, it was reassuring to have someone with us to hold our hands as we struggled getting the hang of it.  After the first few minutes though, it was easy peasy and I was instantly obsessed!

SUP Cleveland Lake Erie Paddler

I decided I needed a board of my own.  I wasn’t sure where to start.  I wanted something decent but because it was a new hobby, I didn’t want to spend a TON of money.  I wanted to make sure I was committed first.  Plus, I live in Cleveland, Ohio and would just be hitting the lake.  I didn’t need anything crazy like I may want for the ocean.   I found a reasonably priced board that came with all the necessary accessories. (If you’re looking to purchase, be careful! A lot of boards don’t come with a paddle and well, you kind of need one of those) I found my board at Costco and because I’m obsessed with Costco and have an unreasonable amount of trust in their products, I went for it and never looked back!

I took my board out the first time with my family.  We bought my dad a gift card for Father’s Day so he could give it a try.  Jill from SUP Cleveland  took us out on Lake Erie from Edgewater Beach.  I was able to take my own board while the rest of my family rented.  Jill was patient and friendly to work with.  Between all of us with shoulder problems, knee/hip issues, and a bit afraid in general, she worked well with all of our different skill levels to make sure everyone had a great experience.

Family Paddle Boarding Edgewater Beach Cleveland

Now, I generally go by myself after work for an hour or so!  It took a bit of time/practice to figure out how to get my board up and off my car by myself but now I’m a pro at it!  I used this YouTube video to show me how to strap it on. Strapping Paddle Board to Rack  I also bought these pads for the racks.  They Velcro on but I also add pull ties to them because I’m paranoid.

Paddle boarding is one of my favorite ways to get some me time and be out on the water.  My favorite palce to go is Edgewater Beach so I also get a gorgeous view of Cleveland.   I even got a wet suit for Christmas last year so I can go out even when it’s a bit chilly.  I’ve also found ways to change it up a bit like taking my pup out or catching an sunrise with my bestie!

SUP with dog at Edgewater Beach

Cleveland Sunrise from SUP

Ocean Paddle Boarding at Anna Maria Island


If you have any questions about paddle boarding please get a hold of me!! Leigha recently received an inflatable board for a wedding gift so we’ll be sure to post reviews and adventures with that as well!

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