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Weekly Workouts – Injuries (and a bit of Grey’s talk!)

Okay – I know I’m totally behind the rest of the world here but I’m playing catch up on Grey’s Anatomy while I run in the AM and some pretty major things happened this week.  Although I assume 99.9% of you already know whats going on, if you’re the .1% who does not – just scroll on by to the workout part (thats what you’re here for anyways!). This week though, I got to the episode where McDreamy dies.  YEESH.  That was rough, I’m just glad I was prepared for it.  I feel bad for those of you watching in real time and had that shocker come out of no where. Also – I do love the show BBUUUTT come on.  The Neurosurgeon dies of a brain injury?  Not very creative but I suppose they were going for irony??? Anyways…..let’s get to it.


Week one of 2018 is officially in the books.  I hope that it was a great start for everyone, I know it was for me!  I met all of the goals I set for myself and it feels so great to be back in the healthy groove.  Woo hoo!  Bikini bod for Bimini – here I come!  I’ve been adding a bit more cardio and amping up my strength training workouts.  It feels awesome and I love feeling my sore muscles the next day but I’ve also learned from past mistakes, that I have to be careful and LISTEN to my body.  Sore is good – pain/injuries are not.  Thats why one of my goals this month is to focus on stretching. To try to prevent hurting myself. Lliiikkee for example I just got up to take a break from this post and felt a familiar pain in my foot, good ole Peroneal Tendoinitis. Yay!   I had this issue previously and it was fucking PAINFUL.  I literally thought I broke my foot.  It’s not that bad yet, but now that I’ve felt it, I will be paying extra attention to making sure I stretch and wear my braces.

I’m really bad at stretching….REALLY bad.  You think I’d learn because here are all the injuries I’ve had because of my slacking….

  • Peroneal Tendonitis
  • Platella Tendonitis
  • Torn Shoulder Labrum
  • Hamstring Strain
  • Shin Splints
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome
  • General Knee, Ankle, and Hip Pain (aka I dont go to the doctor to get it looked it)


Luckily – none of these have been major but they are lasting and reoccuring.  I had to change how I lift my paddleboard because how I still can’t move my shoulder certain ways (I tore my labrum almost 3 years ago).  My foot hurts today – the initial peronal tenodinis injury was 2 years ago.  If I overdue it or use to much weight with deadlifts – I feel that spot in my hamstring which was, I don’t even know how long ago! So whats the point of me whining to you???  LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES! Listen to your body, stretch, stretch, stretch, and rest when you need!  Everyone is at different fitness levels – do what feels right and health for you!

If you EVER EVER EVERY have questions about modications, please shoot us a mesasge on here or Instagram.  You probably aren’t the only one with the question!

Here are this weeks exercises.  I’m going to do 6 this week – but I’m only giving you 5 for now.  The 6th will revolve around my BOSU ball and I want to talk a bit more about it 🙂 So stay tuned!


1  Minute Each

Up Downs
Vert Leg Lift
Plank with Row
Over the Mountain
Overhead Press
Air Squat with Band
Single Leg Dips (30sec each leg)
Plank Jack

x 2


This one takes a little more thinking!
Complete each exercise completing 10 reps each and counting down to 1.
(So first set will be 10 reps.  Second set 9 reps. Third set 8 reps. and so on.)

* Burpees
* Dips
* Plie Hops

Then Do….

50 Squirms
25 Cross Foot Taps
25 Standing Leans


25 Rt Curtsy
25 Bridge with weight
25 Banded Side Steps
25 Lt Cursy Lunge
25 BOSU Squats
25 Dead Lifts

X 4

1:00 min Plank with Hand Tap
25 Cobras
1:00 min Plank Jack
25 Cobras

X 2


20sec of exercise; 10sec of rest.   Complete each set 8 times

Down Dog Push Up
Tuck Jumps
Tricep Extension
Squat Jack
Close Push Up with Release
Mountain Climber
Kick Back


15 Split Squat
15 Chest Press
15 Chest Fly
25 Donkey Kick (Each Leg)
25 Hydrant (Each Leg)
15 Overhead Press
15 Seated Fly (Butterfly Fly)

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