January Whole30 Week 3 Meal Plan and Shopping List

Happy Saturday everyone!! We celebrated my dad’s birthday last night at our house and it was so fun! We had chicken tacos for dinner and they were so good and they are so easy to make when you have people over. Everyone likes tacos and you can have all kinds of toppings that they can choose from to make it their own. My mom is doing the Whole30 with me right now and once everyone got here we realized we completely forgot to get my dad a birthday cake…WHOOPS!! That’s how much we aren’t thinking about dessert foods! I’ll make him a special paleo cake for a belated birthday on day 31!! After dinner we played international rummy and Scattergories and it was so funny (even without alcohol)!

Did anybody else wake up this morning craving fudge brownie sundaes?!?  Because I did… my eggs did not fill that void this morning but I had some earl grey tea and that helps me with my cravings big time! It was like a warm hug on this cold Cleveland morning. I am LOVING the snow this year though. If it is going to be cold then it might as well be pretty. Plus it keeps my dogs paws from getting muddy when he goes outside so that’s a win!! Plus I really want to go sledding, so I’m going to try to make that happen.

Anyways…enough of my rambling. We are almost done with week 2!! How are you guys feeling? I slept so well last night and I’m starting to feel great! We are so close to Tiger Blood I can almost feel it. I am super excited about the recipes for this upcoming week!! I love picking yummy recipes to look forward to…it makes keeping up with your healthy lifestyle so much easier, even after your Whole30.

This week’s recipes:

Eggs and Bacon in Sweet Potato Cups (I doubled this to make 12 muffins)- What Great Grandma Ate

Taco Soup– The Movement Menu

Egg Roll in a Bowl– 40 Aprons

Pork Roast with Chimichurri– My Natural Family

5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie– PaleOmg

Tomato Basil Shrimp Scampi– The Foodie and the Beast (US!!! lol)

Lemon Butter Chicken with Roasted Asparagus– Jays Baking Me Crazy and Easy Recipe Depot

Again, remember that I don’t include the extra items for your free salads and breakfasts throughout the week in the grocery list, so keep that in mind you go shopping!

Week 3 Printable Meal Plan
Week 3 Printable Shopping List

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