Weekly Workouts – TABATA!!

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of January!! Yeesh!!  Time flies when you’re having fun right??  Now – I didn’t do Whole30 like Leigha and many of you, but I did clean up my act this month.  It’s felt great and all – and I’m feeling more like myself than I have in well, quite sometime.  But I’m not going to lie…..I can not wait to have a drink!  I went into January not totally sure if I felt like doing “Dry January” but looks like I’ve pretty much done it.  A little over a week to go so I’ll pull through but MAN I was craving a mimosa today!!

I definitely needed the break and for a “reset” with my body, but I really enjoy having wine when cooking dinner. Or swinging by a local brewery for happy hour. Or a mimosa with brunch.  (OBVIOUSLY not all of this all of the time! In moderation of course!)  Eating healthy and exercise are my normal routines but like we’ve talked about before, this blog is also about BALANCE.   As we finish up January, we’ll still focus on workouts and healthy foods from Leigha, but you’ll also see a little bit more of the other things we enjoy (like drinks, and prob ice cream).  So I hope as you stick with us, you learn to find a healthy balance in your life!  If you ever need help, guidance, or just a little motivation – remember that’s what we’re here for!

Before we get into this weeks workouts, I want to talk a little about Tabata workouts.  I use them at least once a week, and there’s a few reasons for that! As I’ve mentioned previously, I workout bright and early in the mornings.  Sometimes I’m totally dragging ass.  Or sometimes I get zoned out on whatever TV show I had on during my run (I’m all caught up in Grey’s!!!!).  Sometimes, I just am having a hard time finding the motivation to push myself.  TABATA to the rescue!

Tabatas are 20 seconds of exercise following by 10 seconds of rest.  It is considered High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  I change-up how I do these a bit, but mentally I KNOW I can push through 20 seconds of (almost) any exercise.  The timer keeps me moving and doesn’t give me time to get zoned out.  By the time I finish a Tabata workout, I’m awake and ready to go for the day.  They are my favorite!  You can really pack some punch into these for a full body workout in a short period of time!  Hence my love for them.

Recently, someone asked me what timer I use for a Tabata. Below are my 2 favorites

    • I use the free version of this timer.  It is easy peasy.  Basic. Simple.
    • In the settings you can change a few things like time, number of sets, and countdowns
    • If you’re just looking for a Tabata timer – this is the one for you!
    • I started out with the free version of this one – it used to do the trick but than it got pretty annoying
    • I buckled and bought the app – but honestly I should’ve done it forever ago
    • Why I love it: it lets my save my timers.  So for various workouts I do (like the 30sec workout below) I can just save the timer for next time
    • Lots of different options for timers – tabata, round timer, HIIT, and compound.  If you like to do timed workouts – it’s worth the buy.

Any questions? Suggestions? Thoughts on how you feel about Tabata??? Let us know!


1/4 Mile run
50 Hydrants (each)
50 Donkey (each)

1/4 Mile run
25 Good Mornings
25 BOSU Squat

X 2

1:00 min Plank
45 sec Right Forearm Plank with Dip
1:00 min Plank shoulder Tap
45 sec Left Forearm Plank with Dip
1:00 min Plank Foot Tap


Tabata – 20sec workout; 10 sec Rest – Repeat each block 4 times

Banded Burpees
OH Press

Decline Push Up

Star Jumps
Reverse Fly

Cross Mount Climber
Wide Row

Core Workout
50 Flutter Kicks
25 Cross Knee to Elbow
25 Wipers
25 Vert Leg Pulse Ups


15 Woodchops
15 Forearm Lift
15 Weighted Dips
15 Spider Push Ups
X 3

25 Superman
10 Rt Thread the Needle
10 Lt Thread the Needle
25 Bird Dogs
X 2

After completing each block – go through all exercises again, one time through


30 sec each.  Repeat each block 3x.  1 Minute between blocks

Air Squat
BOSU Push Up

Narrow Squat
T Push Up

Sumo Squat
Close Push Up with Release

Plie Squat
Down Dog Push Up
Reverse Crunch


10 Walk Outs
15 Chest Press
15 Curtsy (each)
10 Push Ups
15 Single Arm Row (each)
15 Bridges (weighted)
X 4


60 sec Wall Sit
45 sec Squat Jacks
30 sec Tricep Extension
X 3

60 sec Squat with Kick
45 sec Plie Hops
30 sec Hammer Curls
X 3

60 sec Skaters
45 sec Dips
30 sec Dead lifts

X 3

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