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Only 2 days left in January!! Is it just me or did that FLY by?!?! I’m okay with though – I’m ready for a busy and fun February!  (Especially BIMINI!!).  I took January, as many of you did, to refocus on myself and my health.  It felt GREAT but I’m ready to loosen the reigns a bit.  Something we want to focus on here at The Foodie and the Beast is balance.  I know we keep saying that, but then only showing you the super duper healthy sides of us.  That’s only because that was our personal focuses this past month.  Now we want to share a little more of ourselves.  We’re ready to show you the adventures we get into.  Sometimes that’s right in our backyards or something a super long plane trip away!  We’re also ready to show you where we let loose a bit in our diets…..we love to enjoy some treats and drinks too!  We just do our best to not get carried away with them! Stay tuned for some fun things to come!

As you enter February  – don’t forget some of the healthy habits you learned (or relearned) last month!!  Don’t let it ALL go because you worked too damn hard and it felt too damn good! As you move forward – what did you do in January that you want to continue? What made you feel the BEST? What bad habits do you think might sneak up on you again?  Think about your priorities, what lifestyle changes you want to keep, and which ones you can be a little more lenient with.  These goals are different for everyone because we all have different versions of healthy and we all have different weaknesses.

For me, focusing on how being healthy FEELS…how I have more energy, I’m more comfortable in my skin, I breath better, my mood is improved, etc. etc. goes a long way.  It’s not really about “staying on track” for me anymore, because these healthy habits have become my normal lifestyle now!  That took some time though and having ACCONTABILITY is what kept me on track when I was learning.  I still need it from time to time! (Like my friends reminding me I need to workout b/c I leave in a few weeks for Bimini!) So here’s some tips on how to stay accountable!

  • FRIENDS! – find people who have similar goals or at least support yours! Tell them when you need a little extra push or use them just when you’re having a bad day and need to bitch. TALK about it – and don’t feel like you’re being annoying talking about your health.  You’re not – we should all be talking about it MORE.
  • GROUPS! – social media is a blessing and a curse sometimes.  But you can find so many facebook groups, Instagram accounts, blogs, Twitter….and all the other options out there! Join them! Get involved on them! You’ll find people who are in the same boat as you! (Our Instagram and blog are great places to start, I mean if I do say so myself)
  • GOALS! Set them. Realistic ones. Small ones AND big ones.
  • WRITE IT! Write your goals down. Somewhere you will see them.  And maybe even someone else in your household will see them (this works for me. May not be your thing). Right now I want to work on my forearm stand – so my workout board says “FOREARM STAND”  I see it during each of my workouts. It reminds me. And pushes me. I also used to use a food diary when I really needed to focus.  Now that my habits are ingrained I use this less, but writing down “Bowl of ice cream with hot fudge, peanut butter, and 2 crushed oreos. ” made me think twice about if I really wanted it.  (Our minds are funny that way)


Do you have any tips or tricks that keep you moving and focused? Share them in the comments! They may inspire someone else!




25 BOSU Squat
5 Star Push Ups
20 Monster
10 T Push Up
15 Curtsy
15 BOSU Push Up
10 Plie Squat
20 Down Dog Push Up
5 Split Squat (with weight)
25 Incline Push Up



20 Sec work; 10 sec rest
Repeat each Block 4 times

180 Degree Burpees
Reverse Fly

Unever Push Up

Squat Jack
OH Press

High Knees

1:00min Plank
1:00min Alternate Superman
1:00min Rt Side Plank
1:00min Cobra
1:00min Lt Side Plank


15 Rt Pistol Squat
15 Lt Pistol Squat
25 Jump Squat
50 Knees to Elbows
X 3

15 Rt Deadlift
15 Lt Deadlift
25 Plie Hops
50 Ver Leg Lifts
X 3

25 Banded Rt Leg Raise
25 Banded Lt Leg Raise
25 Tip Toe Squat
50 Bicycle
X 3


25 Chest Fly
25 Weighted Dips
25 BOSU Rocks
25 Curls

25 Sit Ups
25 Flutters
25 In and Out
25 Twists
X 4


15 Scissor Jumps x 3 (20 Tricep Extension between each set)
15 Sumo Burpees x 3 (20 Dips between each set)
15 Tuck Jumps x 3 (20 Kick Backs)

20 Weighted Bridges
50 Hydrants (each)
50 Donkey (each)

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