Weekly Workouts – Adventure Time!

So now that January is OFFICIALLY over – and we’ve all kicked ass and met all (or at least most!) of our goals, it’s time Leigha and I share another bit of us! We are going to start posting more about our adventures.   Don’t worry, I’ll keep the weekly workouts coming and Leigha has a pretty delicious stockpile of recipes to share with you.  But we also like to get out and play!  Sometimes are adventures are something we throw together at home (lliikkeee ever get wine tipsy and play Girl Talk, that’s a pretty hilarious adventure), sometimes its out in Cleveland, and sometimes our adventures are plane rides away.  Usually – they involve us being weird but that’s the fun in it right?!

We will keep you updated with our current adventures but also what to give some throw backs to some of our favorites.  I’m working on my post from my recent trip to fucking AFRICA.  It was such a surreal experience and I can’t wait to have it up and ready for you.   Just so you’re mentally prepared though – even the shortened blog version of my trip is pretty extensive – but it was SUCH an experience and everyday was different.  So keep an eye out for it by the end of the week!

Here’s our workouts for the week!  If you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions of something you’d like to see more/less of, let me know!



10 Burpees with Tuck
10 Bridges with Weight
10 Swimmers
10 Burpees with Scissor Jump
10 Butterfly Bridge
10 Side Raises

X 2

25 Rt Banded Hydrant
25 Rt Donkey
25 Lt Banded Hydrant
25 Lt Donkey

X 2


TABATA – 20sec Exercise; 10sec Rest

Forearm Lift

Squat Jump
Plank Row

Plie Squat
Star Push Up

Close Row


25 Sit Ups
50 Flutters
25 In and Out
50 Bicycle
X 2


10 Monster
15 Side Lunge
15 Wide Row
10 Monster
15 Plie Squat
15 Single Arm Row
10 Monster

X 2

25 Calf Raises
25 Dips
25 Froggers
25 Tricep Ext

X 2


0:00 – 0:45     Wide Squat with OH Press
1:00 – 1:45     Plank with Row
2:00 – 2:45     Vert Leg Lift
3:00 – 3:45     Narrow Squat with Curl
4:00 – 4:45     Plank with Leg Lift
5:00 – 5:45     Russian Twist

X 4


20 Star Jumps
30 Curtsy Lunge
40 Banded Air Squat
50 Wall Sit
100 Jacks
50 Wall Sit
40 Banded Air Squat
30 Curtsy Lunge
20 Star Jumps

X 3

20 Superman
25 Rev Crunch
20 Superman
25 Squirm

X 3

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