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Yay!! It’s finally (almost) here! We leave for Bimini this week and I absolultely can. not. wait.  These next three days of work is going to be rough but at least there is a bright Bahaham sun light at the end of the tunnel! T-Minus three days. Stay Focused!

Anytime I travel anywhere….I try to find a balance between enjoying myself but still keeping in mind whats imporant to me, being healthy!  Traveling can make this SUPER difficult.  Long plane/car rides, limited food options, busy schedules, no gym available, and just the simple fact of being on vacation and wanting to relax….these all present  huge barriers for sticking to something that resembles a routine.

For me – the key is planning ahead and being realistic.  I KNOW I’m not going to eat as healthy as I do when I’m home, and honestly I don’t want to.  I want to get in on that sushi.  Devour some tacos.  Munch on some fries, and mostly….indulge on some adult beverages.  I know I’m going to do those things and I’m not going to feel bad about it.   I AM on vacay.  I just make sure not every meal is extravagant and I make it a priority to plan for myself.

We travel to Disney a lot (I’m a huge huge Disney fan.  We’ll talk about this later when I have time for an entire Disney post) and my carry-on is pretty much filled with snacks.  My family thinks I’m a bit crazy but it makes me a happier and more pleasant person throughout our trip.  For instance – I HAVE to eat breakfast.  I’m a real bitch if I don’t.  This usually isn’t a priority for people I travel with so I bring my own oatmeal and individual packages of Justin’s Almond Butter (Vanilla flavor is my favorite).  No matter where I travel, I pretty much always have access to water and microwave.  Heat up oatmeal, add almond butter, and viola!  I have a healthy breakfast to start my day.

People are usually surprised to find what I travel with on a plane.  Aside from almond butter and oatmeal, I often take….

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Baby Carrots
  • Cut up cucumber or peppers
  • Lara or Clif Bars
  • Nuts

Or whatever else I can fit into my bag!  Just look at the restrictions if you’re traveling international – this can vary!  Packing these snacks keeps me on track, happy, and leaves room for the goodies I want to indulge in becase honestly – overpriced shitty airport food doesn’t do it for me.  I’ll save it for the good stuff 🙂

Aside from food – I also try to stay active when I travel.  It has actually become one of my favorite parts of vacationing.  I keep my scheduled as I do at home….early morning workouts.  Some people think I’m crazy for this, but it’s my favorite.  Vacations can be busy and you’re usually around people constantly. I love it, but the morning is my time.  Its quite. Peaceful. Before the rest of the world wakes up.  Truthfully, I find a bit of magic in that.  I also tend to see some cool shit like lightening storms over the ocean and turtle tracks before they’ve been washed away.  I usually get a run in because they make me happy but also plan ahead with some pre-written workouts.  I know I won’t workout everyday like I do at home especially if we have some late nights but, like I said, realistic goals are important and I’m like everyone else where I can lose motivation too.  Having something written out already and a few goals set for myself ahead of time makes me keep moving. And I never regret it.

Do you have any tips or tricks to staying on track?  Feel free to share them!



Some of these workouts I will be taking to the beach with me!   I won’t have weights available so the ones labeles “Beach” are all body weight.  I find it difficult to workout my arms without weights so you’ll see lots of push-ups for the beach workouts!


50 Squat Jumps
25 Push Ups
15 Rt Leg Bridge
15 Lt Leg Bridge
25 In and Outs
X 4

50 Hydrant (each)
50 Squirms
50 Donkey (each)
50 Knee to Elbow
X 2


Tabata – 20sec exercise; 10 sec rest – Repeat each block 4 times


Down Dog Push Up

T Push Push Ups

180 Jump with Squat
Walk Outs


Repeat each block 2 times

15 Curtsy Lunge
20 Push Up with Realse
25 Russian Twist

15 Side Lunge (each)
20 Dips
25 Vert Leg

15 Reverse Lunge
20 Up Downs
25 Reverse Crunch

1min Plank Shoulder Tap
1 min Plank Jack
1 min Plank Leg Lifts


15 reps for each exercise.  3 Sets of each

Plie Calf Raises
180 Jumps
Star Push Ups
Modified Burpees
Forearm Lifts
Alternate Superman


45sec Monster
30sec Rt Single Leg Dead Lift
45sec Banded Burpees
30sec Lt Single Leg Dead Lift
45sec Wall Sit
30sec Weighted Bridge
45sec Mt Climber
30sec Plie
X 3

45sec BOSU Rocks
30sec Rt Arm Row
45sec Turkish Squat Rt
30sec Lt Arm Row
45sec Turkish Squat Lt
30sec OH Press
45sec Reverse Fly
30sec Swimmers
X 3


10 Star Push Up
20 Banded Lat Leg Raises (each)
40 Kickback
80 Froggers
100 Squat Jacks
80 Plie Pulse
40 Tri Extension
20 Banded Clam (each)
10 BOSU Up Downs
X 3


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