About the Beast

My name is Kristin and I have the pleasure of being the Beast to the Foodie!!  I’m not sure if that’s a super flattering nickname but I’ll take it because I get to help all of you reach your goals!  As the Beast, I will be here to help, encourage, and hopefully inspire you to achieve your fitness dreams.  I won’t lie, you’ll have to work for it, but my aim is to make the Beast portion unassuming and a place to either learn new routines or mix up your current one.   Along the way, I will also share adventures, laughs, and random thoughts or ideas.

I have a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and a Master’s in Public Health.  While I have a solid background in exercise – I won’t claim to be an expert in anything! I do what works for me and sometimes what works for me changes!  While my heart is in running, I take opportunities to participate in every range of exercise including yoga, boxing, spinning, and simply playing outside!

I have many other passions in my life but we’ll save those for another time!   For now – why don’t you go check out all that we have to offer you!  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we are up to and PLEASE leave us a comment with questions, suggestions, or just a bit of love.

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